As we watch the insanity in Washington, our national debt continues to skyrocket and no meaningful legislation is being passed. There is absolutely no conversation on this topic other then more spending.

Without getting our spending under control all other conversations are a mute point. We will not have enough money to accomplish the items that absolutely need to be worked on.

Raising taxes is not an option. We are more concerned in Washington in finger pointing, calling each other names and getting reelected.

I blame the Washington bureaucracy for our plight. The waste, spending, duplication, abuse of the system is out of control and cannot realistically continue. It seems like Washington is okay with kicking the can down the road.

I keep hearing it is for the American people and we are working diligently on moving legislation ahead to resolve our problems. Yet I do not see any actual bills passed to verify that statement.

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If Washington was truly for the American people, the important items would be getting attention and ideas to resolve them would be the focus versus the insanity we see today.

Getting our financial house in order, improving health care, working on infrastructure, eliminating waste and the list goes on should be the focus of the day. I do feel there are some in Washington that want to do the right thing. They need to make their voices heard.