The Winston Churchill movie “The Darkest Hour” portrayed the hopelessness of the situation facing Great Britain at the outbreak of World War II. If Britain hadn't rescued it's army at Dunkirk, Churchill might well have been forced into making peace with Germany on Hitler's terms. Churchill feared that those terms would have meant that Britain would be a slave to Hitlers evil Nazi empire.

The thought occurs though, isn't that what Brexit is all about? Britain is a slave to the faceless bureaucracy that runs the European Union. Britain won in World War II, but has allowed itself to be enslaved under the EU flag. Even though the voters of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, the Swamp in Britain is doing all it can to stop Brexit from happening and may very well be successful in that regard.

Yes, every country has its "swamp," and probably its "deep state" also. The "swamp" in America is powerful and wealthy, living off the vast American economy which is you, me and everyone else in this great nation. The production of Americans enriches hordes of individuals, companies, politicians, bureaucrats, you name it; and those people collectively want more of the pie, not less. The larger and more powerful the government, the larger and deeper the "swamp."

The "deep state" is the armed bureaucracy of the state, the Praetorian Guard, so to speak, and could be thought of as the alligator that swims in the swamp. The Defense Department, the State Department, Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, National Security Agency, intelligence agencies that most of us have never heard of, secret courts such as Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and probably other unknown agencies make up the "deep state."

The "deep state," with the invaluable help of the propaganda arm of the left—the “fake news media”—is trying to overthrow the president of the United States. That's what the Mueller inquisition was all about and that's what the so called "impeachment hearings" in the Democrat controlled House are all about.

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It could be worse; who was behind the murder of John F. Kennedy? No matter what your politics, if you value freedom, and it's hard to say how many people actually do or at what price, what the Democrats are doing should be frightening.

The "fake news media," along with a few letter writers, are constantly fanning the flames of hate and doubt about Trump and those who voted for him. Trump has done nothing impeachable, but the hate-filled lies and propaganda that are constantly spewed about him affects us all and needs to be guarded against. If you're a Democrat or independent, try to look at facts, not constantly repeated blather that has no basis in fact. If you're a Conservative or tend to support Trump, don't be influenced negatively by all the clap trap that "fake news" puts out.

"Fake news" says Trump has divided America, but that is an out and out lie; the "swamp," the "deep state," the left and its propaganda arm—the "fake news media" with its constant lies—is what is dividing America.