One of the reasons seeing grand old hayloft barns succumb to gravity, either intentionally or by indifference, is that each has been the scene of education and effort. When dads and lads work together on projects of mutual benefit, lots of good things are developed and lessons learned. So when these monuments of optimism and effort are no longer used, where are the lessons we learned there being taught? Such as? Enduring drudgery, accepting responsibility, postponing gratification and following directions.

At the end, or maybe even during sessions of repetitive chores, self-esteem is enhanced and a few of life’s essential lessons are demonstrated by the livestock. Like: If you want to eat steak, someone has to shovel manure. They just seem to go together. Speaking of manure, how is it that cattle, feedlot steers in particular, are so ungrateful that immediately upon arising from their resting place in clean, bright bedding, they stretch fore and aft and then promptly evacuate their colons, dumping a steaming pile of second-hand silage right where they’d been lying. At least horses and hogs have a designated area, but bovines are really poor house-keepers.

And that is remarkably similar to the behavior of today’s Democrats. Completely ignoring the diligence and production of conservative economics, they dedicate every waking moment to soiling not only their own nest and work area, but insist on sharing their mistakes with greater society.

Just the other day, Ken Martin, Minnesota DFL chair, encouraged Forum readers to vote. A reasonable suggestion, but actually, totally unnecessary. All a liberal has to do to immediately experience the results of their unfounded perversions of rational economics and society is to buy an airline ticket to anywhere else in the world, and they could enjoy socialism’s varying degrees of oppression themselves, without inflicting its lies and delusion on the rest of us.

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