What does the future hold for our great nation? Is it by the control of the Washington, D.C., establishment? Or is it the vision and goals of the hardworking, dedicated citizens across the nation?

For much of our nation's proud and noble history, "unselfish public service" fit a large percentage of those who served in the Congress. When their congressional service ended they had not gained substantial wealth. They were proudly "public servants." This has changed. A large number of members of Congress have become multi-millionaires while serving. Their congressional service places the high priority on their personal well-being, acquiring wealth and fueling their self-important egos.

Their anti-President Trump actions cover their self-service priorities, which they attempt to keep away from the public.

This is an important time for our nation. History will tell us some of the world's most powerful empires collapsed from within.

We, the citizens of this time in our nation's history, owe it to future generations to protect and strengthen the "promise of America." Those who came before did it for us. We must never forget.