There isn’t enough paper in the Forum fish wrap to begin to explain how absurd this whole impeachment process is and what it’s doing to our nation.

Before President Trump even took office we had elected government officials saying, “We’re going to impeach Trump.” They were scared then and those same Democrats are scared now.

You see, Trump is coming through on many promises he made during his campaign and that upsets liberals. Creation of jobs is just one example. For decades liberals have ran and been elected to office promising more jobs for minorities. Only thing is they never delivered. They never wanted to deliver.

Trump has delivered the lowest unemployment rate in our nation’s history for African Americans. Just a few weeks ago, Mike McFeely (resident fish wrapper for The Forum) stated a vote for Trump is a vote for racism. That statement bothered me for many reasons, but it also made me think "Why doesn’t Mikey want African Americans to work?"

The same can be said for Hispanic-Americans having the lowest unemployment rate in decades. There are now more women in the work place. The labor participation rate is at or near an all time high. These are things liberals promise but don’t really want to happen because if they did then the dependency on the government starts to erode. Which brings me back to the impeachment circus.

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There has now been four impeach inquiries against a sitting U.S. president. Only now have the rules been changed thanks to the liberals in Congress. They have completely taken away due process, and this is troubling as our country is built on the principles of due process.

But as I stated above, there is not enough paper in this fish wrap to try to explain the problems Rep. Adam Schiff and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, both D-Calif., have created with this circus. So I’ll narrow it down to a few examples:

First, Schiff stated on one of those morning shows this past week, “I should have been more transparent when it came to the contact my office has had with the whistleblower.” And in open committee testimony, the very same Adam Schiff responded to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, saying, “I don’t know the identity of the whistleblower.” That gave me a Wait…what?...moment. Schiff’s statement needs no explanation as the stupidity speaks for itself.

Schiff also stated a few weeks ago the anonymous whistleblower told him (yes told him but he doesn’t know the identity) they are getting death threats. Wait…what?..moment again. Aren’t they anonymous?

Lastly, the two star witnesses Schiff brought before the committee Wednesday had no first-hand knowledge of Trump’s Ukraine call. Interesting isn’t it?


What is also interesting is the star witnesses were overheard in the hall just before the testimony started today explaining they might have confused the president’s call with the REO Speedwagon concert they attended the night before. You see, REO has this popular song from 1980 called "Take it on the run" and in this song there is this lyric.. "heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard if from another you’ve been messing around."