North Dakota's congressional delegation continues its pursuit of the "non-major" congressional acts with the name change of Sullys Hill National Game Preserve. With all the other "major" actions lying dormant (US-Canada-Mexico trade agreement, immigration reform, medical insurance reform, trade wars, postal service, etc., not to mention the gorilla in the closet—impeachment), Sen. Kevin Cramer expounds “This mistake has taken over 100 years to correct. I am sorry for that.” on the Senate floor.

Some North Dakotans may just correct the recent mistake in the Senate election they made at the next election.

Where will the statue-demolishing, name-changing delegation strike next? That nasty name "Devils Lake"? What will happen if Congressional staffers discover the name of the community that was my mailing address for years and years—Starkweather—which is the same name as the serial killer of 1957-58 Charles Starkweather?


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Ohh, the shame of it all.

In closing, my reference to "statue demolishing" relates to the beautiful elk gracing the entrance to Sullys Hill National Game Preserve. They just can’t paint it white and call it square, can they? Bring on the wrecking ball!