Bette Grande has recently chosen to explain to the people of Fargo why decorum and respect are necessary for public forums to take place. In case you didn't catch the obvious tone of her letter, sit down and shut up peasants.

While homelessness rates spike higher every year, people die sitting in their cars because of the cold and lack of a place to go, and luxury condos move in where affordable housing used to be, it strikes me as a little odd that a wealthy white woman wants to tell us how to act.


Despite the fact that the protesters (whom she admitted to not being present for, but still wants to speak on) specifically brought up the issue that average citizens were given little to no speaking time in these forums, I guess we should still just wait our turn. Maybe in a few years we can get five minutes. Hope we aren't dead by then.

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In the mean time, she has graciously suggested that we just need to learn to respect the nice rich folk. They didn't mean to push the poor out of downtown, it just happened that way. They didn't mean to push for cuts to accessibility of public health, it just happened that way. They didn't mean to spill all that oil, it just happened that way.

It's easy to ask for respect and decorum when it's convenient for wealthy Caucasians like Bette Grande. I'd love to see her show that same empathy the next time she goes on a harassment campaign.