This letter is in response to the letter by Jake Luse published Nov. 19 about Bette Grande's Nov. 17th column:

Reading between the lines of his letter, it becomes clear that Luse believes the time for civilized discourse has passed and thus it becomes justifiable to use other means to promote political change. This is because in the grand scheme of class struggle, us lowly peasants’ voices will never be heard because the ruling bourgeois simply look down their noses at us.

Nonsense... Ninety percent of mainstream media, nearly every celebrity, most of academia (ironically except economics departments), and half of politicians broadly agree with his point of view and concerns. The voice of the left is very loud.

Luse is concerned that affordable housing is being replaced with luxury housing. I suspect this is a reference to Kilbourne Group buying up much of the property in downtown Fargo and revitalizing. The reason I suspect this is because there is a lot of affordable housing outside of downtown. In every city, the land downtown is prime real estate because it is in the center of economic activity which makes the land itself, not just the building, very expensive. Any investment must generate a rate of return that covers the up-front cost. Building cheap housing on expensive land does not do that. Thus, cheap housing is generally reserved for cheap land. This is not the fault of a malevolent ruling class twirling their mustaches in the backroom plotting how to screw people over; this is basic economics.

There is an affordable housing crisis in America and I would argue the primary cause of inflated prices is excessive zoning and other government-imposed burdens to development, especially the NIMBY'ism (not in my back yard) of local home owners who interfere and lobby the government to shut down the building of new housing. There is a discussion to be had about this issue and the many others that Luse is concerned about.

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But these far-leftists don’t want to have a discussion. “Cancel culture” and “no-platforming” is justified because anyone who has a different opinion is evil. Merely voicing an opinion is itself violence and cannot be tolerated. But these people don’t understand these tactics are counterproductive. Shouting people down, calling them sexist/racist/bigot/homophobe, demonizing their skin color, doesn’t change people’s minds; it makes them defensive. It makes people want to get away from you. It makes your side look crazy. This is why sensible moderates are quick to disavow extremists. This is why propagandists on one side point to and amplify the extremists on the other. Optics and PR are vitally important in politics which is why decorum and respect are important.

But Luse doesn’t get that. If leftists don’t get what they want, it’s better to make as much noise as possible, like a toddler in the grocery store throwing a tantrum because his mother won’t give him a candy bar.