We have all heard that a “wall of separation between church and state” exists to keep religion out of government and the public square. We have worked diligently at making sure we keep religious views out of everything public. In fact, even the mention of God is banned in most public places and our public schools.

A new Pew Survey out Oct. 17, 2019, indicates a decline of Christianity in America and the rise of "nones." Nones are those who are unaffiliated with any religion. They are the second-largest nonreligious group in North America and Europe. In the United States, nones have grown so significantly and makeup one-quarter of the population. The reasons are complex; however, a major factor—I believe—is the removal of God from the public square and from our public schools. Removing God from all discussion leaves a void. Our public schools are actually promoting a new kind of religion — secularism.

It is a fact our country was founded on religious principles, specifically Judeo-Christian values. The Founding Founders knew that religion not only instills and forms moral discipline; it also forms our values, our culture and our virtues. These are the ingredients they knew needed to govern the country. In my opinion, secularism cannot do this as it has no moral compass.

Can we really separate religious views from government? In a recent speech, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said that religion, “trains people to want what is good.” He said religion helps frame a society’s moral culture. He quoted John Adams who said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”


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The bottom line is secularism is a religious view that does affect government. Barr blames secularism for social pathologies such as family breakdown, drug addiction, depression, suicide and death by abortion. He stated, “The secular project has itself become a religion, pursued with religious fervor.”Secularism calls for more social programs to ‘fix’ the very problems it causes. Barr concluded, “While we think we’re solving problems, we are underwriting them”.

I believe America is still a Christian nation and that all Americans want what is good for our country. Saying “God bless you” in a public place or school does not establish a national religion. We need to return to our roots and bring God back into our government and our public schools. He is the foundation of truth and morality our country, our kids and our grandkids need to reverse the current secular trend. God will surely bless America if we just let him.