Many supporters of President Donald Trump seem to be incapable of defending his words and his deeds. They call Democrats “libtards.” They tell us that we are suffering from TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome. “Killary” lost and we need to get over is often their battle cry. “Obummer” is also another popular distraction. They take direction from their cult leader. Facts be damned, just call those with different opinions a name that a schoolyard bully would be proud to call his victim. Facts not on your side, insult the media who report the facts. Afterall, the only one in America who is capable of telling the truth is the snake oil salesman from New York. He knows more than everyone else on every subject. Ask him, he’ll tell you.

Those who support Trump appear to be the ones who are in denial of the results of the 2016 election. They can’t accept what is the orange elephant in the room. Trump is a malignant narcissist who uses the office he holds to settle his grudges. Previous presidents put politics aside once elected and did their best for all Americans. When many Dallas Police Officers were killed in the line of duty, President Obama went to their memorial service even though he didn’t win the vote in Texas. After 9/11, President Bush rose to occasion and did all he could do for those affected. New York didn’t vote for him, but that didn’t matter. Both men did their best to comfort and help their fellow Americans. Trump throws paper towels as part of his hurricane relief. He withholds resources from states that he didn’t win.


In Trump, we see an individual who lies all too often. There is a lot of footage to bear this out. We see someone is incapable of complex thought, which is evidenced when he speaks. Members of his cabinet have said he is impulsive, lazy, a moron, doesn’t read, etc. If you doubt my assertion that Trump is not a smart man, google “Trump nuclear best mind” and tell me what in the heck is he talking about.

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TDS is not Trump Derangement Syndrome, it is Trump Denial Syndrome. He is a cruel individual with no morals. He is not intelligent enough to effectively serve in the office he holds. His lack of class demeans the office. We deserve a president who respects the office. His supporters are in denial about what type of individual he is.

The problem most of us Democrats have with the 2016 election is not that Hillary Clinton lost, it is with the individual the GOP thought best represented their values. Most of us wouldn’t be so concerned about the future if we had a President Jeb Bush or Evan McMullin. Our concern is that we elected a totally unqualified individual who is also a Russian asset, and too many of our fellow citizens aren’t willing to look at the facts objectively. If Trump is the best the GOP has to offer, they are in serious trouble.