Area schoolchildren and their parents follow the example of Swedish Greta Thurnberg to proclaim a “climate emergency,” according to the Nov. 28th story about the Fargo City Hall meeting on climate change.

An 8-year-old, at first too shy to speak, proclaimed we need to “save the world” from a “world crisis.” An 11-year-old is pictured reading a script about “the need for Fargo to take steps to address climate change.” A high school sophomore stated that he just wants ”to live until I’m 50.”


Apparently no person with special knowledge, training or experience about climate science was present. Just within the last 15,000 years the meeting place was covered by thousands of feet of ice and then a 200 foot glacial lake.

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For a fascinating and scientific account of this see Dr. John P. Bluemle’s award winning book “North Dakota’s Geologic Legacy.” Bluemle earned a doctorate in geology and served with the North Dakota Geological Survey for 42 years. He states on page 113 of his book, “With the current concern about the importance of climate change to human society, the relevance of understanding the climate during the geologic past should be apparent.”

Childish propaganda is not helpful. Their solutions are all political and preclude consideration of other effective solutions such as increased nuclear power, simple adaptation or efforts to easily replicate almost instant and well known global cooling that occurs for several years after volcanic eruptions.

The real danger is to our liberty and our right to pursue happiness assured by the Declaration of Independence.

Parents and teachers willing to needlessly scare their own children and students and then use them to speak for them, and those who provide the public forum, who all believe they are saving the world, and thus the end justifies any means and that they are in charge of the means; will have no respect for our liberty, our right to be left alone, our right to pursue our own happiness or our viewpoints.