Roger Minch's letter to the editor about the climate crisis town hall, a public input event organized by the city of Fargo, bemoaned that "no person with special knowledge, training or experience about climate science was present." This is provably false. Minch is a liar. He wasn't in attendance. He's a bankruptcy lawyer, not an expert in anything except helping scumbag bankers rip homeowners off. He ought to take his own advice on expertise once in awhile. There's literally not a single reason anyone should listen to him—or bloggers from Minot, or paid shills of the oil industry.


It's time for people to get realistic about climate change. The scientists who spoke overwhelmingly spoke of the need for drastic changes. Those changes scare some people because it threatens the livelihood of quite a few leeches and lawyers. So of course they're squealing about it, trying to sow discord into the conversation, instead of using all available scientific evidence. They're cowards, stuck in a frozen panic in face of a crisis that affects every one of us.

It's time to push them aside, to roll up our sleeves, and get to work. The clock is ticking.