I can vividly remember my first interest in politics. It was 1996 and I was in the sixth grade. Bob Dole was challenging incumbent President Bill Clinton. I didn't know anything about our toxic two party system, but I understood that both of these men wanted to be president, and they both presented themselves as decent men who cared about our country. They had different ideas, but respected one another.

I don't recall Dole or Clinton saying things that incited anger or hate towards the other, but rather they presented ideas that would hopefully resonate with their constituents and get them out to vote. I remember Clinton saying, "Together we will build the bridge to the 21st century." I was disappointed that I wasn't old enough to vote in that election.

I didn't hate Dole, as he had a positive message. My only problem with him was that he was too old. My childhood friend Kyle and I took to our sixth grade talent show doing our version of the David Letterman Show. Being a David, I was Letterman, and Kyle was Paul on the keyboard. It consisted of me telling a bunch of jokes about Dole and Kyle mashing on the keyboard after each. Our top ten list was "Things Bob Dole needs 10,000 more of." The number one thing was "gallons of water from the fountain of youth." Kyle pounded on the keyboard and the crowd went wild, or at least they did in my memory.

My point here is that there was no hate in the room. Dole and Clinton supporters were all laughing, because back then it seemed as though both sides of the aisle understood that the other side wanted what was best for the country. I'm not exactly sure when it all changed. Just kidding, it all changed in 2016.


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Prior to this last election, one of my old acquaintances asked me if I was voting for Trump. I laughed thinking he was joking. He kept a straight face as I laughed. Without me asking he enthusiastically told me that he was voting for Trump "Because all these blue collar people are sick of working for it." In a state of shock I asked him why he thinks that a self-centered billionaire is going to help him make more money. "Because he's a economical genius" (sic) he told me.

I'm not going to make another lengthy list of ways this embarrassment of a president is causing division in our country, because I've learned that a majority of Trump supporters don't accept facts whatsoever. Any facts presented to them is another lie from the fake news media, which makes debates impossible. So here's the most recent example of Trump ruffling my libtard snowflake feathers: I just watched the video of Trump addressing the troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving Day. Imagine my surprise when I learned he spent the majority of his speech gloating about how much better the economy is since he took office (it's been improving since 2009). Only the Big Orange Baby can take the opportunity of addressing a collective of actual heroes to brag about the stock market. I'm surprised his bone spurs didn't prevent him from getting off the plane. I don't think he'll ever learn how to treat others. All I can hope is more informed people make it to the ballots in a year than did in 2016.

Before that happens, I'll be interested to see what Sen. Kevin Cramer does when the impeachment reaches the Senate. I would expect him not to care what kind of evidence is presented.

The unity we once shared is gone. Absent Cramer and other public servants like him putting country before party, I fear we will never escape this division.