It saddens me to see the morale of the Fargo teachers waning. I personally know a few teachers that have retired early because of the present environment in the schools.

I enjoyed my years of teaching in Fargo and felt respected and supported a vast majority of the time. In 7th grade we would teach our students about the difference between a fact and an opinion. A fact could be the life expectancy or the infant mortality rate for a certain country. If the life expectancy was very high and the infant mortality rate was very low we could infer that the country had good health care. Our students became very good at making inferences.

I do not know school board member Brian Nelson, but he could learn something from the recent poll taken by 580 faculty and staff in the Fargo Public Schools. Five percent of the faculty and staff answered yes to the question "Do you feel supported and valued by the school board as a whole?" That means that 29 out of 580 faculty and staff feel valued and supported. Nelson said, "I truly believe that we do care." "I do and that's a fact."

No, Mr. Nelson, that is your inference, your opinion, and one that 95% of the faculty and staff that were polled don't believe. Prove it.

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