I must respond to Roger Minch’s letter, “Those pushing climate change theories are really pushing socialism,” published Dec. 16:

This is the Republican dirty trick of trying to mix communism and socialism together as they are entirely different.

Both the Nazi (National Socialistic German Workers’ Party), and the Communist USSR (Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics) had the word "socialism" in their names, but they were dictatorially controlled and certainly not socialistic.


In the USSR, communism strictly controlled “the means of production (cars, airplanes, toilet paper, shoes, agriculture).” Both Nazi Germany and the USSR were completely controlled by dictators (Hitler, Lenin Stalin, Khrushchev, etc.).

During Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, he said, “We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.”

The increasing popularity of socialism, among the American public, has Trump Republican’s terrified.

During the next presidential campaign, Trump, unless he is removed from office, will attempt to make socialism another of his “buzzwords” of “fear and hate.” Seventy-three-year-old Trump, hypocritically, reaps the benefits of a military variation of socialistic Medicare.

Socialism, as practiced in the United States, is the distribution of “certain types” of services for the “common good” of everyone.

Anything publicly owned or operated with tax dollars is an expression of socialism. Examples are public elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities like North Dakota State University, libraries, community water plants that provide clean safe drinking water, plus sanitary sewer systems. All federal and state highways, police, the North Dakota state prison, fire departments, every branch of the US military, national or state parks, local public baseball fields, public museums are as well. Although Americans pay into the Social Security System, Medicaid the Affordable Care Act — are all examples of socialism.

Supermarkets, clothing stores, big-box stores, GM, Ford, Boeing, automobile dealerships, restaurants, plumbers, carpenters, dentists, newspapers, hairdressers, motion picture theaters, barbershops, farms, ranches or any privately-owned business that has the intention of making a profit, are called private sector enterprises.

Contrary to what Trump and Minch wants you to believe, in capitalistic America, where money is used as a tool to make more money, socialism and private sector enterprises work very well together.