Two hundred megawatts of the cleanest most environmentally friendly energy on the Planet is sitting 20 miles west of Fargo and no one wants it!

What’s wrong with this picture? Geronimo Energy initiated plans to build a 200 MW solar energy project by Casselton, N.D., over two years ago. The proper permits were obtained, land owners lined up, and then everything came to a standstill. All the project lacks is someone to step up and buy the power. What business or government entity wouldn’t want to include, clean, non-polluting energy use as part of their portfolio?

Apparently, none in this area. The two utilities in our service area, Xcel Energy and Cass County Electric Cooperative have, thus far, declined to purchase this power. Wouldn’t 200 MW’s of solar power look good on your web page when you are trying to present yourself as a company moving toward a 100% renewable utility?

We urge our utilities and any businesses or government entity in our area to find a way to use this energy. This project will bring jobs and millions of dollars of tax revenue to Fargo/Cass County.

Let’s stop sending our dollars out of our region when we pay our utility bills. In South Dakota a few years ago, Walmart stepped up and bought enough power from a project to get it built. Come on Fargo! Please don’t use those tired old arguments about how renewable energy can’t stand on its own without subsidies.

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The oil industry has received $160 billion in tax subsidies since 1950. In 2007 Exxon alone had 40.6 billion in profits and continues to be subsidized. The coal industry receives $4 billion per year in subsidies, not counting the health-related medical costs. There are no health costs related to renewable energy.

Let’s get on the renewable energy train, it’s already left the station.