After reading the story on page A2 of the Dec. 21st Forum, "For safer sex, NDSU tries condom deliveries by mail," and the fact that condoms are readily available and free for the taking at various locations on campus, I ask, "Why is NDSU promoting promiscuity and irresponsibility?"

According to the story, Megan Talcott, sexual assault prevention and advocacy coordinator at North Dakota State University's Student Health Service, is promoting the Junk Mail program to encourage safer sex practices and easier access to safer sex materials along with information about obtaining voluntary consent before sex. So, what does this program have to do with sexual assault prevention?

Talcott says, "We always try to remind students that abstinence is the safest, but we also know that is not the decision students will always make," and then provides them with easier access to safer sex materials. That seems kind of like handing out guns at a suicide prevention class. Both are absurd.

A few months ago I read a letter to the editor from a mother who seemed to be praising her daughter's responsibility for acquiring a supply of contraceptives before going off to college. I also remember hearing about a young man going off to college several generations ago who was given a Bible by his dad and the parting words "It will help you if you use it." That's quite a contrast. Which parent do you say deserves praise?

We should all know that sex outside of marriage is a serious offense against God's law and NDSU should not be enabling sexual misconduct. How can this junk mail program and condom distribution be called anything by morally irresponsible?

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I'm calling out NDSU President Bresciani to have this program repaired to Christian morally acceptable standards.