The very moment President Trump pulled us out of the Iran Nuclear Deal in May 2018 was the moment the wheels started turning that led to Iran shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane. This is another example in the long line of Trump “one man” diplomacy deals. Trump told the nation we were in imminent danger of attack but will not disclose what credible evidence exists to prove this danger. If the evidence is creditable, why hide it? Or maybe this is just another one of those lies our president is so good at telling.

Trump pulled us out of the nuclear deal that was agreed upon by several nations because he thought it was a bad deal, even though the other nations agreed the deal would keep Iran from making nuclear weapons.

His “one man” diplomacy on North Korea has turned sour and North Korea is now a greater threat than before.

The president’s creation of imminent danger led him to make another “one man” decision to kill Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The attack, rhetoric and continued threats of retaliation from Trump drove Iran to the brink of war, and they retaliated by shooting ballistic missiles into Iraq at bases where American forces were stationed which then pulled Iraq into the conflict.

The heightened tension between the United States and Iran is what caused Iran to be on edge and mistakenly shoot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, causing 176 innocent people to lose their lives. After seeing the graphic pictures of all the bodies and the wreckage itself, doesn’t the United States bear some of the blame for this tragedy?