I first worked with Vince Lindstrom during the early days of the Creative Art Studio, circa 1976. With his trademark enthusiasm and energy, Lindstrom managed to garner a cadre of artists and teachers around him to transform a nearly windowless basement into a thriving art studio where working artists interacted with K-12 students enrolled in the Fargo Public Schools.


A couple of Lindstrom's brainstorms were especially memorable. One Thanksgiving he decided to bring live turkeys to Fargo so that students could draw from life, rather than trace around their hand and decorate the fingers with feathers. Unfortunately, he neglected to take into consideration snowstorms and blocked roads so the turkeys ended up spending Thanksgiving caged up in the Creative Art Studio with occasional watering and feeding before being returned to the hatchery.

Another time, Lindstrom decided to “re-create” the tomb of King Tut in the Creative Art Studio. I cannot remember exactly why but I do remember it required an incredible amount of ingenuity, imagination and a certain degree of leaving reality at the door.

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Life was never gray around Lindstrom. I feel honored to have had him in my life and commend him for his contributions to promoting the arts.