People are fascinated with conspiracy theories. When I grew up, we had stories about aliens, JFK, Chappaquiddick, the Apollo moon landing, and so on. Not much has changed. These days, we have the unexplained questions surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein or how the Clintons have avoided jail time all these years. But, what should we do if one of these conspiracies turned out to be true?

One of the prevailing conspiracy theories in the 1960s and '70s was the fear of a One World Government or a New World Order. As their evidence, advocates would point to the formation of secretive organizations, such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, which were established as non-governmental, nonpartisan discussion groups created to "foster closer cooperation among Europe and North America." Yes, I know. Back then, everyone thought this conspiracy was a little far-fetched. After all, what country would willingly give up its national sovereignty, right?

Fast forward to 2016. Some would claim Donald Trump's election victory was powered in part by the forceful opposition to Globalism, calling it an "economic and political system rigged against the American people for the benefit of shadowy forces in the news media, the banks and the government. Globalists want open borders, cheap labor and anti-nationalism to benefit their business and political visions, and are all too willing to shaft the little people to achieve it." Now, there might be ample evidence to support this premise, like the passage of NAFTA, Germany's open door immigration policies, and the creation of the European Union, but Trump's critics have claimed he was just using this issue for political purposes.

But, what is really behind this debate over globalism? What is the crux of the issue? Power. On most calendars, Jan. 6th is recognized as the day we celebrate epiphany. Epiphany is defined as an illuminating discovery or realization. About 2,000 years ago, some wise men spent upwards of two years following a star in search of some illumination. When they arrived in Bethlehem, they would find the manifested Christ child, no longer a baby, living with his parents in a house. And Herod, who ordered the slaughter of those Jewish boys up to age two? What was his main concern? Losing his power.

The next time you hear that a Democrat, a "Never Trumper," or one of the "Hate America First" crowd complain about Trump abusing his office for personal profit, we should ask them what's their primary motivation? It's power. In fact, if these last four years have shownus anything, there is apparently nothing worse for a politician than being out of power. So, the question that was posed: Has globalism become a reality?

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The voters faith in Trump was validated in February 2017 when John McCain's uttered these revealing comments: "Trump's policies could upset the last 70 years of a New World Order that we established after WW II." And here, you probably thought the main reason for the Trump-McCain feud was over that silly POW comment? Rather illuminating, wouldn't you say?