The news has been dominated by efforts to impeach President Donald Trump. Thankfully, The Forum has kept its readers abreast of unfolding developments. However, is the impeachment frenzy worth the time and effort involved? Isn't there another means to achieve a rebuking of perceived presidential actions concerning our relation to Ukraine and an upcoming presidential election?

I am not alone in posing this question. I and others are concerned about an inordinate devotion of Congressional time to impeachment at the cost of neglecting other national needs, some of which approach crisis status. The Congressional sponge is soaking up too many precious legislative resources for an outcome strongly predicted to end in a Senatorial exoneration.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has recently said something to the effect that the House of Representatives needs a means to indelibly stain the president for the annals of history, no matter what happens as an outcome. (This is my perception of recent Speaker statements). The legislative clock ticks away with the spotlight clearly aimed at "full guns" impeachment-seeking indictments on the part of predominantly Democratic Party representatives.

This president is not perfect and shows fallibility just like anyone else. Over three years ago, I voted for him as the candidate who seemed the better choice. In my estimation, there were no really good candidates. Reading and listening to the news as I have, I believe his error of judgement regarding Ukraine and Joe Biden did not rise to the level of an impeachable offense. Couldn't the whole matter be handled better by some House-stated censuring to be entered into the Congressional record as a bonafide statement of public displeasure with his actions? That alone could be carried forward as written in the history books.


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Time excessively spent could be considered to be an inestimable waste of resources. It is also a telling indicator of a presidential election outcome when it comes to grinding away toward something — an fully impeached President — that has little chance of actually happening.