In response to the letter, "The president has not committed an impeachable offense," published Jan. 22:

A fellow letter writer responded to my letter by weaponizing James 3:8 to insult me. This verse contains the words “restless evil” and “deadly poison.” Is he calling me evil and poisonous? He then throws out John 8:7-11 after saying I want to judge President Trump. Jesus doesn’t oppose justice. Human justice is flawed, so harsh and unjust penalties should be avoided. In this case a woman was going to be stoned for adultery. The punishment is too severe for the offense. I certainly see the irony of using John 8:7-11 against me because I don’t approve of Trump. Jesus spoke these words when someone was accused of adultery and Trump is a serial adulterer.

The judgment of the Lord is different than the judgment of man. Only he can judge where we will spend eternity. We shouldn’t even attempt to make that judgment of our brothers and sisters. A good example of what he commands us to avoid are the statements that Trump made of the late Rep. John Dingell and Sen. John McCain “looking up” at us.

We need to make judgments every day in our lives. We make a judgment when we select a doctor, dentist, mechanic, etc. We decide which one will be the best for the job. We receive performance reviews which judge how well we do our jobs. Trump works for us so we should evaluate his performance.

Our society has an organized justice system. People charged with a crime appear in front of a judge and jury. A verdict (judgment) is reached. Punishment is meted out. In some cases society determines that a person is such a serious danger to society they need to spend the rest of their life in prison or need to register as a sex offender. This is necessary to protect society.

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Trump often complains about President Obama’s justice department investigating him because he doesn’t think Obama had the authority to do so. Trump is sending Rudy Giuliani, a private citizen, to Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. Pot meet kettle. If Ukraine is corrupt, how can he trust their investigation? If the Bidens have done something illegal, our law enforcement agencies should be coordinating an investigation not Giuliani.

In closing his letter, my fellow letter writer added his last bit of hypocrisy when he stated, “I don't see any good presidential attributes in any of the Democrat candidates. Maybe Tulsi Gabbard has some.” Seems to a bit judgement and likely not well-informed. None of the candidates have a single good quality. Seems a bit implausible-not one good quality!