It appears that President Trumps impeachment defense team has decided to resort to the ancient and barbaric practice of presenting facts and truth in the president's defense against impeachment. It's hard to believe that something this medieval could happen in 21st century America, but there it is.

Keep in mind that in today's America, we have moved far beyond truth and facts concerning almost everything. The question now days is what can the fake news media, our Democrat handlers and the swamp trick us into believing?


The president's defense team must be quite desperate if all they can come up with are facts. Just because President Trump didn't try to shake down the Ukrainian president and force him to investigate poor old Joe Biden, which happens to be one of the president's jobs, doesn't mean Trump isn't guilty; because he is. Trump is guilty because he's president and the Democrats aren't.

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Who knows what might happen if the American people were allowed to consider truth and facts when considering who and what to vote for. If you're a Democrat politician or an establishment Republican or a member of the swamp, that's scary stuff.

This reliance on facts and truth has to be nipped in the bud. If Americans start voting according to facts, politics as we know it could cease to exist. If considering facts becomes prevalent among voters, American society could be fundamentally changed, and for the worse, if you happen to be a Democrat power broker.

The possibilities of change in this country might be almost endless if the fake news media were to suddenly become honest and allow facts and truth to be presented along with the usual leftist lies and propaganda.

For instance, if we're not careful, people might start thinking that someone who crosses our borders illegally is an illegal alien and should be treated accordingly.

People might even start wondering if it's wise to do sex change operations on preteen children. Who knows, people might even start wondering if marriage between members of the same sex makes any sense in comparison to tradition and the Bible.

Democrats say that an unborn baby that isn't wanted isn't human and thus deserves to die. Where did that idea come from? You never know, facts and truth might even influence the Supreme Court in that regard. If we start using facts and logic, people might see that the Biblical account of creation is more logical than the unproven idea of evolution.

If facts start coming into play, people might actually want real scientific proof that human activity is causing global warming.

After examining facts, as recorded by history, could anyone in their right mind favor socialism or communism, rather than the free enterprise system?

Truth is a stubborn thing, but Democrats with the help of the fake news media usually have it buried so deep that most of us seldom have a chance to see it.