In his closing remarks for the defense during the impeachment trial against President Trump on Monday, Jan. 27, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone implied that the impeachment process is a mere waste of time; “Imagine – imagine, imagine if all that energy was being used to solve the problems of the American people.” If only we didn’t have a president who merits impeachment, Mr. Cipollone.

For republicans, the faster the impeachment process proceeds without witnesses or evidence, the better. Nothing to see here, ignorance is bliss. However, it’s wishful thinking to pretend the president did nothing wrong. It’s irresponsible to imagine a different scenario, as Cipollone suggests, because to do so shirks the senate’s responsibilities.

Democrats recognize reality and understand Trump’s actions can’t be swept under the rug. They know that despite the grueling process of impeachment, they must hold the president accountable. This isn’t merely an attempt to punish the president for his past actions, but a fight against grave consequences should he remain in office continuing his destructive path.

Cipollone implied that democrats are enjoying the impeachment process. However, they too have priorities and issues to which they’d rather dedicate their energy. Consider that four of the contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination are stuck in the Senate fulfilling their obligations to the impeachment proceedings rather than out on the campaign field. Yet, as presidential nominee hopeful, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., stated, “I figure the voters are going to understand that I have a constitutional duty to fulfill.” She knows she’s where she needs to be, even though ideally, her campaign would place her elsewhere.

Cipollone neglects to recognize that it’s the president who put himself in this position, not the Democrats. The president’s actions are responsible for entangling the valuable time and energy of the Senate and our country in impeachment proceedings. Cipollone claimed that Democrats have simply sought vengeance since the president took office but consider this: you have a child who exceedingly breaks acceptable boundaries. If he continued to disregard rules, lie and bully, would you as a parent let him get away with his actions and continue to wreak havoc because you had things with which you’d rather concern yourself or had other work to do? No. As a parent it would be your priority to take responsibility for your child and hold him accountable for his actions. Democrats are simply doing the job they signed up to do – oversee the president.

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Republicans should be first in line to hold the president accountable as they’re the ones responsible for putting him in office. Democrats should be able to wash their hands of his ineptitude and unacceptable behavior. Luckily, Democrats recognize their moral responsibility and know that to avoid setting terrible precedent for future presidents and further unconstitutionality with this president, they must seek to unseat him.

Cipollone was correct in one thing: “at the end of the day, the most important thought is this: This choice belongs to the American people. They will get to make it months from now.” No matter what the Senate decides, the ultimate choice is up to us, the American people. We must vote this November.