How you can follow Jesus and not support Trump? Trump has been compared to King Cyrus of the Old Testament, maybe not an upright moral character but used by God.

First off, kings were not God's good, acceptable and perfect will. The people wanted a king and God permitted it. He would rather that the people be satisfied with him and him alone as their king. So kings are God's permissible will. God does not choose them, but can and will use them and may even anoint one.

I as a Christian do not support Trump, especially as a king; however, I do pray for him as my president and for God to use him. When choosing leaders we want, I hope each of us wants to support candidates that align closest to our political and moral beliefs. Of course, one person is not going to change anything by themselves. It takes a group or a "party." The party system is what divides this country, especially as each one tries to distinguish itself from the other.

The problem is all power corrupts, people need to let go of "power." Vote independent for independent candidates to get rid of the power struggle. I'm not saying get rid of political platforms, but get rid of the political power-hungry swamp creatures, which is why I suppose many dissatisfied voters gravitated to Trump.

Do I blame people for voting Trump? No. Would I vote for Trump? No, but he is my president.

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I have only one King Jesus; and if there is to be a King Cyrus or for that matter a King Herod, no matter what they do they are used to bring about the Divine plan of God. God uses the good the bad and the ugly.

Our political system used to be touted as one that could change leadership and afterwards come together and work until the next election, but one would hardly recognize it as that in recent years. I may not agree with how my neighbor votes, but God help me not to judge them.