The system of Checks and Balances and the Rule of Law, age 231, died on Feb. 5, 2020, with the Senate acquittal of President Donald Trump. Checks and Rule were born on June 21, 1788, when the Constitution was ratified. They were preceded in death by Constitution author James Madison.

Among those who caused the deaths of Checks and Rule were: Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., and Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D. Cramer and Hoeven voted to acquit Trump and against witnesses, while Peterson and Armstrong voted against Trump’s impeachment. Cramer and Hoeven would have voted to convict a president charged with the exact same offenses if the president was a Democrat, while Armstrong would have voted to impeach a Democrat.

Cramer absurdly called the evidence against Trump, “underwhelming at best.” To Cramer, the president’s own words asking for a favor from Ukraine and an investigation of the Bidens, along with the testimony from experts, was chopped liver, when in actuality it proved the case.

Hoeven said, “Instead of spending time on impeachment, the House should focus on getting work done,” conveniently forgetting that the House has passed common sense gun control legislation and tougher ways to combat Russian election interference, only to see Mitch McConnell refuse to take them up in the Senate. In other words, Hoeven said the House should have just ignored Trump’s shakedown of Ukraine for his personal gain.

Peterson astonishingly claimed the case against Trump only included, “second hand” information. Peterson never explained how Trump’s own words calling for an investigation of the Bidens in the phone call to Ukraine President Zelensky and on the White House Lawn qualify as “second hand.”

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Even though it was clear why Trump withheld the military aid to Ukraine, Armstrong, just back from “Fantasy Island,” said there was no quid pro quo. Armstrong chose to ignore Ambassadors William Taylor and Gordon Sondland, who were in the loop, and said there was. Also, on the same day that Russian expert Fiona Hill powerfully testified that Ukraine did not interfere with the 2016 election, Armstrong sunk to the bottom by shamefully saying on a North Dakota talk show, that Ukraine did interfere.

By contributing to the deaths of Checks and Rule, Cramer, Hoeven, Peterson and Armstrong have given Trump a free reign to do further cheating and extortion during his re-election campaign, as Trump knows there will be no punishment against him.

Checks and Rule are survived by a sham cover-up impeachment trial, blocked witnesses and documents, ignored evidence, obstruction of justice, profiting from the presidency while in office, election interference by Russia, blind partisanship, separating children from their parents, climate change denial, pathological lying, paying hush money to porn stars, doctoring weather maps, and bone spurs.

The funeral will be held Feb. 14, 2020, at the Kremlin in Moscow, with Russian President Vladimir Putin presiding. Donations can be sent to the Wizard of Oz, so Armstrong, Peterson, Hoeven and Cramer can get some courage.