President Trump's impeachment trial was inevitable. The left has been plotting it since within days of his inauguration. It did not really matter for what alleged high crime—it could have been for spitting on the sidewalk or wearing brown shoes with a blue suit. Unlike former President Clinton's impeachment, which dealt with his proven crimes of perjury and subornation of perjury in a civil rights suit brought against him, no crime or “”material fact” has surfaced against Trump.

Impeachment being integral to their schemes, Democrats had to find a hook to hang it on. The Mueller investigation fizzled out, despite the Fabian tactic of calling endless witnesses in a row to dig something up. (That approach was tried and found wanting in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings as well.) What is a party of leftists to do? Try again, this time over a phone call Trump made to Ukrainian President Zelensky asking for his help to investigate Ukrainian corruption and the Burisma/Biden collusion.


The Democrats failed again in the House impeachment inquiry despite their complete control and their 17 witnesses, who were in fact witnesses to nothing. Further, in the testimonies given, Ambassador Gordon Sondland stated that Trump said “I wanted nothing. No quid pro quo.” Ambassador William Taylor, despite his other clear answers, wouldn't affirm if Trump had committed an impeachable offense. Former National Security Council aide Tim Morrison, one of many who heard the infamous phone call personally, saw nothing illegal about it. About the only thing the House hearings did was make clear that Trump had crossed “official federal policy” concerning Ukraine, the testifiers apparently forgetting that it is the president who makes that policy, not they.

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The charge that Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens' corrupt dealings with Burisma—a perfectly valid reason, incidentally, since Joe Biden's run for the Democratic presidential candidacy does not excuse alleged wrongdoing—is pure hypocrisy from the four Democratic senators vying for that candidacy but have not recused themselves for a conflict of interest. Physicians, heal thyselves.

Any president has the right and duty to investigate corruption and meddling that interfere with America. A Ukrainian court has ruled that Ukraine illegally meddled in the U.S.'s 2016 presidential election by indirectly aiding Hillary Clinton's campaign. The worst any Russian group did was to buy a piddling amount of Facebook ads, some of which favored Hillary and many of which ran after the election.

Ultimately, Trump's impeachment trial was a politically driven farce. A better argument could be made for impeachment for his attacks on Syria, Afghanistan, Iranian officials and the like, but then most presidents from William McKinley on would be impeachable. Examples: Harry Truman's dragging America into the Korean war without congressional authorization, Lyndon Johnson's lying us into the Vietnam war, and Barack Obama's bombing seven countries. But if there is one thing that immunizes a president, it is making war. Considering the media praise Trump got when he authorized bombing missions in Syria (“he's finally acting presidential”), he should have bombed Ukraine rather than asked its cooperation.