Last summer I was diagnosed with an acute aggressive bone marrow cancer. Since then I have been under the care of the excellent staff at the Roger Maris Cancer Center. My treatment has required many blood and platelet transfusions. Each transfusion has helped my body fight the effects of the cancer.

I want to thank anyone that has even donated one unit of blood or their volunteer time to assist in blood donations. What a blessing.

During my working, raising family and retirement years, oh sure I donated blood, but only if the occasion presented itself and if it was convenient. Today, I deeply regret now that I did not take the opportunity to make a routine and regular schedule to make blood donations. It would have been such an easy and blessed decision.

Let your light shine and consider making a blood donation. Please consider making a call to Vitalant at 877-258-4825 or contact your local blood bank or attend a local blood drive. Per Vitalant’s slogan, "they are vital."

After reading this letter, if even one person decides to donate one time, I know it will make their light shine brighter and may even add a little glow to mine.

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I thank and bless you for reading this letter. May you have a great day!