I’m left to wonder what color the sky is in James Frisk’s world.

Frisk’s recent letter to the editor, "Hitler provided Dems with their playbook," published Feb. 6 includes the following quotation from a psychological profile of Adolf Hitler: “Never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; … never accept blame….”

Among other characterizations of an immoral dictator.

And yet, just two days after his acquittal, here’s a description from The Washington Post's David Nakamura of our current occupant in chief’s behavior: “Trump was angry, raw, vindictive, aggrieved - reflecting the id of a president who has seethed for months with rage against his enemies. This was the State of Trump …

“In sharp contrast with President Bill Clinton - who used a four-minute statement in the Rose Garden in 1999 to apologize and call for ‘reconciliation’ after he was acquitted on impeachment charges - Trump offered no words of regret, insisting, as he has repeatedly, that he did nothing wrong in asking Ukraine’s president to investigate a Democratic rival. The only apology he offered was to his own family, for the ‘phony, rotten’ ordeal that they were put through ‘by some very evil and very sick people.’”

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Again, I’m left to wonder what color Frisk is seeing when he looks toward the heavens.