Well, here we are after over three years of political drama at its worst. The entertainment value has been unmatched. The stinking pile of political trash heaped by partisan Democrats is truly impressive. I do appreciate the challenge these folks have presented in trying to logically answer the question, “What were they thinking?”

Do Democrat partisans really have such a condescending attitude for the intelligence of the general electorate? Supposedly, if you repeat a message often enough people will start to believe it. Maybe, but it seems just as likely that repeating a strident self serving message too often will cause people to dismiss everything you say as bogus rhetoric. Political backlash is nothing new. I would think Democrats would be particularly cognizant of this after their stinging defeat in 2016. So again I ask, why would Democrats play such a risky hand?

It could be that Democrats had no choice. Except among the faithful partisans, the “Russian connection investigation” did not resonate positively for them.


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Then, the activities of the Biden boys was uncovered by the Republicans. At best, the Bidens’ participation in Ukrainian affairs does not look good. At worst, it could drag members of the Obama administration out of the cave back into the light. This had the makings of a legal imbroglio that would be a political fiasco for the Democrats for years to come.

So Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., asks, “What’s a mother to do?” Her strategic answer was to throw up the smoke and mirrors of impeachment based on the very same foreign policy blunder committed by the Obama administration in dealing with the Ukraine. Some might say this was a brilliant move, because she not only distracted attention from the nature of the Bidens’ activity in the Ukraine, but she also shifted the culpability of dealing with a corrupt foreign government back to the Trump administration.

Considering the alternatives, this was worth a try, because even though she knew that there wasn’t an ice cube’s chance in hell that Trump would be found guilty, the Biden investigation is now dead, and the stigma of impeachment will burn Trump in his 2020 reelection bid. Pelosi is not Speaker of the House because she is an airhead. She’s a savvy and tough political opponent.

Will the strategy of twisting reality 180 degrees pay off by delivering the Democrats a win in November? Despite her masterful move, my gut tells me that the electorate isn’t that gullible. They are weary of Democrat theatrics. There will be backlash in the heartland once again.