Warren Gullickson was a fantastic middle school principal and mentor. He often let the staff make decisions, but if the staff was unable to make a decision he would step in. Whenever anyone disagreed with his decisions he would say, "God love 'em." That is the kind of person that Gullickson is.

Today, we have President Trump making difficult decisions. When someone disagrees with him, he calls them names, lies, bullies and does whatever he can to smear the person's reputation. Clearly the facts show that President Trump withheld military aid waiting for a political favor. His intent was to influence the upcoming election.

He was impeached but not removed from office. Sen. Mitt Romney, a Republican, and a devoutly religious man, voted for the removal of the president. Romney said that he took the oath before God and that in good conscious could not acquit President Trump. At that point, President Trump could have taken the high road and said "God love 'em" about Romney, but Trump chose to chastise him.

Mitt Romney and John McCain each failed in their presidential bids, but were people of impeccable character, Romney still is. Now we have Trump, God Love 'em.

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