The political division in America was candidly revealed in The Forum’s opinion page Feb 8. On the left side (no pun intended) Jim Shaw believes that the infamous Trump phone call in July was a “shakedown of Ukraine for his personal gain.” On the right side of the page, Ross Nelson opined that the Trump phone call to Ukrainian President Zelensky “asking for his help to investigate Ukrainian corruption and the Burisma/Biden collusion” was within his presidential rights. We should always investigate potential corruption before releasing taxpayer funds.

This difference of opinion was the basis of President Trump’s impeachment trial. The Democratic Party earlier hoped to impeach Trump based on Russian collusion and obstruction. They instigated the Mueller investigation to prove that Trump’s election was illegitimate. To their dissatisfaction, the Mueller report did not find any evidence of Russian interference or collusion.

Impeachment of a president is a serious constitutional process. The transcript of Trump’s phone call shows no bribery or abuse of power. There is really no evidence of a “shakedown” as Shaw asserts. However, he is entitled to his opinion.

Don’t we all just want to know the truth so we don’t repeat an impeachment based on false or unproven evidence in the future? The Russian collusion investigation was initiated to find out the truth. We now have evidence that Ukraine illegally meddled in our 2016 election. Shouldn’t a Ukrainian collusion investigation be initiated to find out the truth equally?

The American people have a right to know the truth. If the evidence shows Ukraine meddled in our election and there is evidence of “Burisma/Biden collusion,” then Trump rightfully exercised his presidential power and his authority. This whole impeachment trial and the political division caused by it could have been avoided. And we no longer would have only opinions – we would have the facts.