Amazing how many of you think that Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy. This country is actually, or was founded as, a republic. It has moved to more socialistic democracy for over 100 years – democracy that former presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson pushed.

They and a lot of you want this country to be a pure democratic state. You profess to care about free speech, but want to limit other people’s speech. You care about justice—only social justice, economic justice, environmental justice—but do not care about equal justice for all under the law.

You do not like capitalism, but praise cronyism of your "great" leaders, or at least ignore the cronyism of virtually all of those running for president on the Democrat side.


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Fidel Castro was elected, Vladimir Putin elected, as well as others of the socialist/communist persuasion. All of them claimed to be for the people, but the only people they were really for were themselves—how rich and powerful they have become—and how poor the people.

All but they and their cronies have been stripped of property, firearms, free speech, freedom of movement and freedom of thought. Why would you want this? Yet, many of you do, and how sad I am for you.

Trump is strange, but very much for your freedoms, your well being, and your prosperity. I for one will gladly vote for DJT in the 2020 election even though he does the right things 70% of the time – that is higher than any other president in the past 36 years.