I don’t know what was said in the closed-door session of the Minnesota Senate DFL caucus that elected Susan Kent as minority leader. I do know that Mike McFeely reads too much into it if he thinks it means the DFL is giving up on rural Minnesota. That is certainly not true of Tim Walz, our governor, nor of Kent Eken, our own state senator.

Here in Clay County, we are working to reach out to our rural neighbors. That’s why we’ve arranged to hold caucuses on Feb. 25 in Felton, Hawley and Barnesville, in addition to Moorhead. In our present political climate, Democrats in rural communities can feel isolated, but we know you’re out there. We invite you to come together with your neighbors that evening and talk about your hopes for the future. Together we can work towards a quality of life built on infrastructure needed to grow economic opportunity, quality health care that is accessible where we live, and good schools supported by fair taxation.

To learn more about the upcoming caucuses, go to caucus.dfl.org. We hope to see you on February 25.

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