I write today to convey my utter disdain for the current status of our political “party” system. Whether you call yourself a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent in the arena of politics, you’re by default an integral part of the vast set of humanitarian problems we have created for ourselves.

There should be no doubt in any rational mind that our system of governance has been hijacked for personal and corporate profit by those very people we elected to represent us the people - not the for-profit corporations who have diminished our democracy by selling it to the highest (most corrupt) bidder. Only we the people can be that deciding instrument for creating change in our government’s dismal direction and impending fate of this Titanic situation: the politics of today is a huge iceberg for those of us who wish to remain afloat.

I consider myself a small part of the American landscape – just not an advocate for a political system that’s forgotten and ignored the ideals on which our country was founded. All my adult life, I have watched a steady decline in morals, attitudes towards other forms of life, and that has created a sense of disengagement with politics based on all toxic - political - agendas. As the recent impeachment hearings have clearly shown us, politicians do not want to seek the unbiased truth of what actually resides in our cesspool any more than they want to clean out the offending species from the American landscape via a fair and impartial trial.

I have hopes that my fellow readers and citizens are individually and collectively smart enough to see past the numerous lies, deceptions, miscarriages of justice, bribes and immoral acts of not just the current president and his idiotic political appointees, but of all politicians who put their own ideologies above those of the very people they promise and claim to fairly represent.

The simple solution is rejection of partisan politics agendas – the blind belief of only choosing who’s right versus what’s right – and coming to our own verifiable statement of truth when it’s not available in the current hate-filled arena of civil discourse.

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There are four ways to effect change in our impending political disaster:

  • Become educated to the many devious ways and false promises of politics, politicians and their corrupted agendas
  • Learn to detect the big differences between truth, fact, the fiction of political spin, and resulting distortions and lies spewed via social media by amoral paid antagonists
  • Elect non-political candidates who refuse to accept graft and bribes from corporations or their PACs
  • Always vote with your heart and keep all life forms in mind at the ballot box!

I urge everyone to utilize these four methods as we collectively wade through the muck of our upcoming – and future – election cycles. To quote a well-known historical figure “Power to the people.”

Bunzow, a member of The Forum's Readers Board., is the owner of Headon Designs Consultants and works as an academic tutor in science, math, business and writing.