I read the headline news Feb. 18 that expounded on the D rating that was given to all Sanford Hospitals in North Dakota. The Leapfrog Group discussed the infection rate at those hospitals, and gave them a “failing grade”!

Sanford leadership disputes the rankings. Of course they do, it’s their livelihood at stake. If they were truly an invisible administration, they would allow employees to participate in that discussion, but that won’t happen, in my opinion. They choose not to participate in Leapfrog surveys, and thus, their information is truly not transparent, as suggested by Tim Blasl of the North Dakota Hospital Association.

Why do they choose not to participate? Is it something to hide or are the statistics skewed by Leapfrog?

This needs further input. I am speaking of personal assessment, as I was one of those nosocomial infection statistics from Sanford, and it cost me thousands of dollars and two years on continuous antibiotic therapy, which, thankfully, was successful.

To my knowledge, a “D-rating” is below average, and needs serious attention.