In towns of all sizes throughout North Dakota live some of the most blessed, wealthy, creative and positive individuals ever to grace this earth. We have proven that when challenged with natural disasters, regional tragedies or helping with individuals who have medical issues, we step up to the plate.

Well, we are at bat again. And the time to unveil our abundant generosity potential is now.

Thanks to regional leaders like the FM Area Foundation, Dakota Medical Foundation, and the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation – there are now wonderful ways for individuals to help organizations through disaster relief funds.

It is a great start, but I believe we can be bolder and do more.

It’s time to unleash North Dakota’s vast resources to help nonprofit organizations who are facing a critical battle to provide services to our community.

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Now is not the time to sit on our hands as individuals who have the capacity to assist those most in need.

It’s time for donors to help nonprofits on the front line of human and social services: those serving individuals with developmental disabilities or delay, those providing housing or food for the homeless, and those who are providing critical mental health services.

Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines with our donor advised funds, that have been growing for years in accounts that have helped shelter us from taxes.

It’s time for donors to give generously to the arts, including music and theater – now creatively displaying and performing digitally for us – that gives our community joy, happiness and respite from news that is dark and uncertain.

Now is not the time for private foundations to stick to “the way we have always done it” and distribute small amounts of resources in rigid and regimented ways.

It’s time for donors to double down on organizations of all sizes and give generously to help them pay for salaries, benefits and transportation to provide resources to staff members continuing to do amazing work providing amazing services that the government can’t, shouldn’t or won’t do.

It is not a time to play small.

This is the rainy day we’ve been saving for.

It is up to us to help lift up the organizations who have quietly been lifting up the community for decades, by providing them with the resources, funding and moral support to continue to do good here in North Dakota.