I want to thank The Forum for printing two stories by Patrick Springer. “Spanish Flu” published March 22 and his April 27, 2007, story about Thelma Trom reprinted March 23 represent a significant history lesson, one I sincerely wish all mass media and even our president would learn.

I have grown weary of hearing that COVID-19 is “unprecedented,” “worst pandemic ever,” “there’s never been anything like this, there really hasn’t.” We don’t need hyperbole or ignorance to get us through what we are currently experiencing.

Perhaps I am too sensitive. My father had just turned 14 when H1N1 (as we know it now) “Spanish Flu” first hit North Dakota and the area surrounding Litchville, N.D., where he and I grew up. I remember listening to my father and his older brother talking about how lucky we were as a family that there were no deaths compared to the surrounding area.

But the reality is that there are fewer cases of coronavirus worldwide today than there were deaths in the United States from the post-World War I flu that ravaged the world.

So please, mass media, enough with the exaggerated claims.