The United States is in the process of committing economic suicide because of fear of the coronavirus. Our biggest fear may be that we don't know the mortality rate for those infected. About all we do know, is that if you're old and sick, your chances of survival drop, how much we don't know. The only information out of China is their usual propaganda and lies, so forget that.

No matter how dangerous this virus is, we should know one thing. We aren't going to make things better by deliberately destroying our economy. Creating trillions of dollars of pretend money won't save the American economy and will probably save very few lives.

In order for our economy to survive, goods and services have to be produced. Without economic production the pretend money being created is like a fool trying to walk across a desert with fifty pounds of gold, when he should have had fifty pounds of food and water instead.

Our schools should be open. The young aren't affected very much and can build up immunity which may be a help in the future. Most businesses should be open , including bars and restaurants. We're a free people with free will and discernment. If you're older, suffer from a medical condition or just want to avoid the virus, watch where you go. Churches have a lot of old people, but here again, let the individual decide.

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We're trying to slow down the virus, but at what cost? Sure, shut down big crowd events, that makes sense, but we've got to keep our economy producing and healthy. How many lives will be lost if this country goes into a depression?

What the final death toll will be is anybody's guess, but whatever that number is, it will be an inflated number, because many counted as victims of the coronavirus will be people that were in the process of dying anyway. This may sound cruel and uncaring, but truth has to enter in someplace.

Life is for the living, and yes, we all want to stay among the living, but some of us aren't going to, no matter what. Some say that we have to take every possible action in order to save every possible life. Life is precious but it's not priceless, there are limits and we all know it, whether we will admit it or not.

After a huge death toll during the Spanish flu epidemic of nineteen eighteen, along came the roaring twenties. But there was an economy to come roaring back. What we're doing today is almost total destruction.

Our governors, mayors, school officials and others in authority are being stampeded by the news media and by medical experts who only see one facet of the problem. You don't let experts run things, you take their advice and then consider all other information before making a decision. Most experts can't see the forest for the trees. Now our stampeding elected officials are herding the rest of us over a cliff.

What do we do now? It's simple, our schools should reopen, everyone should go to work unless they're sick. Ordinary precautions should be utilized. Yes, the infection curve may be a little higher if we go back to work, but you can't be sure of that. This virus is with us and its spread is inevitable no matter what we do. Fear and experts may destroy us more surely than the coronavirus.