Austin Culp tells us that “It is time to restart the economy.” His premise is that people staying at home to prevent illness and death is not worth the economic cost of people not working.

Culp says that “Life is precious, but it’s not priceless...” Well, if he really feels that way, I would like him to define what the price of his own life should be. If he wants to obtain greater economic productivity, what is the cost of this productivity, stated in terms of his own mortality?

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Instead of bartering away the lives of “people that were in the process of dying anyway” (his words), Culp should tell us how many people going back to work would be worth giving up his own life.

The loss of a paycheck is frightening. The loss of a life — no matter the age or condition of the person who gives that life up — is far more frightening in my value system. I challenge Austin Culp to tell us how he would balance those factors if it is his own life that he would sacrifice.