On Thursday, I watched an interview on CNN with Peter Navarro, the president’s trade advisor and he really put the reporter in her place when she said that President Trump’s administration was woefully unprepared for the pandemic.

It seems that the reason that doctors and hospitals can’t get the supplies they need is China’s fault and also the fault of several previous administrations.

China lied and withheld pertinent information so we could not take any action even when our sources in China were telling us about the outbreak. So, when Trump told us a few weeks ago that it was all a hoax and a plot by the media and the Democrats to discredit him, he was working with the best information that he had available to him. It was even verified by Rush Limbaugh.

When the time finally came to respond, Trump was hamstrung by the slow and inadequate system he inherited. Thank goodness he didn’t have a disaster preparedness team in place like previous administration's did. They would have just gotten in the way.

Now, thanks to Trump, we are ready to put all of this behind us by Easter. I feel bad because I have been critical of Trump in the past. I have a bad habit of sometimes believing scientists over politicians, and that is just not the MAGA way.