You must be terribly frustrated. All this, just as your lives are getting started. You’re now educated; anxious to get a job and start living life on your terms. Now us old guys shut it all off. Why, you ask? Well, the so-called “experts” said that if you got this virus it wouldn’t affect you much, but if us old guys got it - especially those with underlying conditions like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart conditions - we could die. But that’s unfair, you say. Why do we all have to sit on our hands? Heck, no. Let’s go party.

As a tech-savvy group, it must be really frustrating to see the demand for “scientific facts” and models that are terribly flawed. Over 2 million deaths predicted, now down to 60,000. How could they get this so wrong and why should we believe them now? Heck no, let’s go party.

A small number of you did just that. You went to Florida for spring break. You partied, you drank too much, you smoked some weed, you ate too much. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. Then you came home and kissed grandma……

Now, you aren’t alone in this behavior; we all were doing the same thing, even us old guys. Moreover, us old guys were doing this for our entire lives. Those “underlying conditions” we have were mostly self-induced and preventable if we had behaved ourselves, but we didn’t. So here we sit with our compromised immune systems watching the whole world bow to our needs.

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This should be a great lesson for you, young people. Quit putting poisons into your body. Start paying attention to your body; what you put in it and how you use and abuse it. Get out and move a little. Enjoy nature. Learn some healthy habits to use in your lifetimes. Find your inner self and become friends. Be grateful. Be kind to others.

Thinking of doing something questionable? Ask yourself; if the whole world did this would the world be better or worse off?

Create your own health care provider - you - so you can learn to heal yourself rather then relying on those “expert” care providers. They won’t tell you the truth because they know you want to be lied to and they want you to come back. You should use them as coaches. While you’re at it, save some money. You’ll need it when you’re old, and that will be sooner then you think. Have a great life!

Also, go back to work as soon as you can. With your careful help we old guys will take care and protect ourselves. Life is a learning process. Old guys are just learning about the next lesson. One thing we have is patience. If we don’t have patience by now, we’re already dead. So this old guy says, “let them go back to work.”