It must be comforting to chant the type of tribalistic mantra Maurice Brandt offers in his letter, “Shouldn’t all lives matter?,” published May 24.

Channeling his inner straw man, Brandt makes his point, which I would encourage readers not to confuse with a point, as in actual fact-based opinion. While bemoaning the COVID-19 lockdowns, Brandt brandishes only trusty personal experience: “I see and hear every day folks ….”

Clearly, these lockdowns are causing tremendous economic suffering, but if preventive isolations are literally killing Americans, as Brandt implies, then he should provide evidence to support that assertion.

If he can’t, then I’m left to wonder whether Brandt has seen and heard everything he knows on this subject from cable TV or talk-radio programming “of a certain political persuasion.”

Hulse lives in Fargo.