Are you prepared? The cornerstone selling point of insurance, isn't it?

Purchasing insurance after the event is simply too late. Health insurance, life insurance, property and all sorts of tort insurances have no effect after the fact.

The recent pandemic scenario has people scrambling to prevent "getting" the virus. People are prioritizing no contact, sanitization and protective breathing devices in an effort to evade this contagion. Many are hoping, even praying, for a flu vaccine which may never come. If it does, will it be as effective as the annual flu vaccine? Will it help you?

Apparently the most susceptible victims of this pandemic is the typical variety of all seasonal flues, mainly those with weakened or impaired immune systems.

It seems to me that the best personal health strategy is to prevent future health catastrophes is to begin to take steps to strengthen your immune system. And by the way, do you know where that mask has been?

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Jorgensen lives in Enderlin, N.D.