It's been said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It's been several weeks now since the events in Minneapolis took place and a familiar theme has emerged. Symbolic changes are easy. Real, substantive change? Now, that's hard.

For example, it's easy to topple a few statues, like those of Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus, ban the Confederate flag at a NASCAR event, or take a knee at a football game. It's easy for rich people, like NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, to give tearful speeches, or for a large corporation to make a tax deductible donation. Yeah, that stuff's easy. But real change, what's the answer? For most politicians, the usual solution is to create more laws. That begs the question: Who's going to enforce them?


When the riots first broke out, the initial reaction from Jacob Frey, the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis, was to sympathize with the "protesters." He blamed the violence, looting and property destruction that was imposed on the city residents, by a group of criminal opportunists, to institutional racism. He conceded that the protesters had a right to be upset with a system that consistently protects offending cops from punishment. So, your solution is to give in to lawlessness?

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During his mayoral campaign, Frey promised to fix the broken relationship between the community and the police force once elected. So, during his first crisis, his inclination was to blame all cops for the death of George Floyd, rather than focusing on prosecuting the individual officer(s) responsible? However, while Frey's inability to maintain law and order for his constituents deserves criticism, it is hardly unique among big city Democrat mayors.

As far back as 1991, New York Mayor David Dinkins was telling the police during riots to stand down and let the protesters "blow off some steam." In 2015, during the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told the cops to back off and give the looters "some space." Currently, a group of anarchists occupy a six-block area in Seattle. Mayor Jenny Durkan shows no urgency in moving to take back the city. Instead, she has stated that the armed occupation of her city may turn into a "summer of love."

All Democrats.

As for the issue of systemic racism, is everyone aware that Democrats have been in charge of those very same institutions and systems, that people are complaining so much about, for over 50 years? So, the better question, then, is why do people continue to elect Democrats in our urban areas? But, where are the Republicans? Have they all fled the big cities? Or, have Republican candidates found it extremely difficult to compete with the continued Democrat promises of a Utopian society?

Certainly, I can empathize with the dissatisfaction of the people in these large cities throughout America. All those promises over the years and nothing ever seems to get better. And yet, they keep voting these same charlatans into office, and they expect something to change? Now, that is the definition of insanity.