Fargo School Board members: You have failed.

You have an obligation to serve the families of this community. Recently, a radio personality from KFGO went off on a personal rant against one of your board members, a member who over the years hasn’t been afraid to question the status quo. She never just shows up and complains, she asks the tough questions and she demands the data to support it.

While you have no control over a local radio personality personally attacking her by calling her unsubstantiated names and striking even lower blows by going after her children, as members of the Fargo Public School Board you should be disgusted by this. The appropriate response to this abhorrent behavior would be to denounce it, but at the very least you should distance yourself.

For the record, what you should not do is to be a guest on the program and try and bring down this member further. Shame on you, Robin Nelson. You are president of the school board. You are supposed to be a leader. Start leading by example.

My kids know how to recognize bullying in school and the actions by the Fargo School Board president this last week are nothing short of school yard bullying. Remember why you were elected. Start acting like role models and remind yourselves who you are supposed to represent.

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All of you on the board are elected officials that represent the children of Fargo. Grow up and start acting like it.