Imagine you are in second grade and you look out your classroom window to see a school garden. Your teacher uses this garden to demonstrate math lessons and make science come alive. You harvest produce you planted from seed with your own two hands and try foods you have never before experienced.

Imagine you are a ninth grader and you get to take cooking classes at school, some designed and taught by local chefs who teach you the power of seasoning food to taste.

Imagine you are a high school senior and you are empowered to plan lunch menus with your school nutrition services team.

Imagine the kids in your school district who go through this program growing up to be adults who can garden and cook.

This is the world I imagine for my kids and those in our community. With the pandemic, we have the ability to re-imagine the food system, and we can use this time to invest in our kids and the practical skills that will give them lifelong healthy eating habits.

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If you want to imagine this future with me and make it a reality, reach out to your school board members and school administration. We can make this happen.

In Fargo’s June primary, we elected a school board member named Tracie Newman who promised to focus on the health and wellness of our kids. We have a voice on the school board, and if enough people are asking, your local school board will notice.