The Trump administration, in the middle of the worst health care crisis in over 100 years (COVID-19 pandemic), is asking the Supreme Court to eliminate the Affordable Care Act.

Eliminating the ACA (Obamacare), would take away health care protections for pre-existing conditions of up to 129 million Americans (according to the Department of Health & Human Services), including my family.

Everyone in my immediate family has a genetic pre-existing condition. Doing away with the law is a life or death decision for my family and millions of others.

My wife and I own a small business. As self-employed, we pay $34,974 a year in health insurance premiums for our family. That’s a lot, but just one of our family members alone has $90,000 in annual prescription medication costs. We cannot afford to go without insurance coverage. It's a matter of life or death!

With about 25 million people out of work, it's immoral to take away health insurance coverage, including pre-existing condition coverage from millions, especially in the crisis we're in.

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The Trump administration has had over three years to replace Obamacare but hasn't and will not submit a plan to replace it. The North Dakota Republican-led Congressional delegation has voted numerous times to repeal the current law, but they've never passed serious plans to replace it. The Republican-led majority legislature, attorney general, and insurance commissioner are all on record to eliminate the ACA. It's easy to be against something, but takes courage to fix it.

Health care is the signature issue for the 2020 election. Before you vote, ask candidates if they support eliminating the ACA and protections for pre-existing conditions. Their position on health care is a matter of life and death.

Thompson, Fargo, is a former North Dakota senator and representative.