The West Fargo community needs to commend Mayor Bernie Dardis and the West Fargo City Commissioners for support of the Career Workforce Academy concept at their recent meeting.

North Dakota State College of Science President John Richman and Tony Grindberg, vice president of workforce affairs, along with many others have been leading the efforts to get this project funded and moving forward.

The project is a collaborative effort by the school districts of Fargo, West Fargo, Northern Cass, Central Cass and the North Dakota State College of Science. It is designed to deliver workforce training and education that is responsive to changing employer and student needs. This plan will expand and enhance our ability to attract, retain and grow businesses and develop opportunities for student success in the workforce.

Also, a special thanks to Denise Jonas, our area career and technical education director and a West Fargo leader who gives direction to these projects on a daily basis.

Seymour is a former North Dakota senator and professor emeritus at Minot State University.