Forum opinion writer Mike Hulett and President Donald Trump must follow the same conspiracy websites. They both observed Independence Day by telling us about a fictional serious threat to America.

Hulett, in his July 4th column, talks about “organized Marxist anarchists” whose mission is to “destroy our republic.” President Trump in his Mount Rushmore campaign event said “angry mobs” want to “erase our history” and “end America.” Of course, they tell us that Democrats are complicit in the whole thing.

Hulett and Trump are right that America is facing a serious threat, but not for the reason they made up. We have a president who is ignorant, immoral, incompetent, and un-American.

Trump has insulted and alienated our allies with name calling and refusal to cooperate in world affairs. Then he embraces nearly every dictator and authoritarian leader in the world. He announced to the whole world that he believes Russian President Putin over our own U. S. intelligence community about Russian interference in our election. He ignores evidence that Russia put a bounty on American soldiers, even suggesting it is a hoax. Trump tells us that Chinese President Xi is “a good man” and “a very, very good friend.” Trump meets with Kim Jung Un, the North Korean dictator who has murdered members of his own family, then reports that “He wrote beautiful letters and we fell in love!” Trump is a danger to our national security.

Trump is a proven pathological liar. He calls the free press the “enemy of the people.” Every dictator would agree with that. In fact, Trump and Putin commiserated about which of them is most abused by their media. He has fired a number of agency inspectors general whose job is to see that government officials follow laws and rules and don’ t misuse taxpayer money. Trump tells us that he can do whatever he wants because he is president. Trump is the only candidate for president in the last several decades who continues to hide his tax returns. Trump is a threat to our democracy.

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All of this is only a small portion of the damage done to our country by this administration. This is one of the most serious challenges ever faced by the United States of America. Four more years of Trump would put America’s security and our democracy at risk of historical proportion.